Thank You

The following companies helped this year's challenge entrants create their elevator pitch videos:


Anthony Bellov Video Productions


Michael Burke

Abe Cajudo

Core 3 Group


COX Media


Edit Bay


Georgia Pacific LLC


Timothy Edgar Lyons

Andrew Newton Productions


Robert Perotti, New Bedford Schools


Priceless Capture

SiceCrew Entertainment

Stark Raven Productions


Wide Angle Youth Media

Vertex Marketing


What is an elevator pitch?

An "elevator pitch" is a carefully crafted message designed to explain a business to a potential investor. The catch — it must be given in the time that it takes to ride up an elevator.

Elevator Pitch Challenge

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship gives high school and middle school students the opportunity to take a sixty second idea, and turn it into an actual business. Each nominee here is either the owner or co-owner of his or her business.